Plastic whelping Box and Puppy Playpen is a homemade versatile product which has been designed to keep mum & puppies safe and away from any drafts. Meaning mum and pups stay warmer and have a comfortable environment during birth and after birth.

3D Miniature Models

We can make you a 3D model of your pen (Retail suppliers only).
Free to retailer’s who if selling or promoting whelping boxes.
Interested? Please contact us.

Custom Built Whelping Pens

The box will come flat packed with all screws and fixing and has been built before sending out to make sure it all fits as it should. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided and please make sure you SILICONE THE BASE AND LEAVE TO DRY FOR 24 HOURS. (It will give the strength and waterproofing that it needs).

Tools you will need

  • Philips screw driver (not included)
  • White Silicone (not included)

You are more than welcome to have the box made up for you to pick up, just make sure it will fit in your car.