We offer ultrasound scanning from our own premises. We are happy to do mobile visits but it is preferable if you can come to us.. I have better facilities with two viewing monitors , dogs are usually happy to sit on a grooming table as opposed to their own environment where they want to play and not stand still to be examined.

When to Scan ?

The best time to have your girl scanned is around day 30 .

Where to Scan ?

We prefer to scan your girl between day 30 and 35 as it’s a good time for estimating the number of pups (Please remember this is only an estimate) as counting with ultrasound is not accurate. Scans are preformed in real time . It’s not a snap shot of the abdomen like an X-ray , so one sac can easily be counted twice and sacs can be hidden behind one another.

An ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that uses sound waves to create an image of a body part. During an ultrasound a scanner with a handheld probe is moved across the surface of the skin over the site of interest . The sound waves generated by the ultrasound are not harmful or painful to the dog.

Ultrasound scanning will confirm pregnancy and can estimate the amount of pups while giving your pet an estimated due date.

Veterinary Accredited

We hold a certificate in performing ultrasound scanning companion animals award.

Go Digital

We also offer a full 4K digital image of your scan as a keep safe on request at an additional cost. Would be best to wait until day 40 as the pups will be a lot more developed. This will also give you peace of mind that the pregnancy is progressing normally.

You don’t want to be scanning your girl too early as very early pregnancies are easily re-absorbed , so knowing your girl is pregnant at 20 days would not necessarily mean she is still pregnant at 30 days. We can offer a couple of packages if you want to scan at 30 days and then again at 40 days to get a keep safe image .