We offer only the best plastic whelping box / puppy playpen which is a homemade versatile product, designed to keep mum & puppies safe and away from any cold drafts. Meaning mum and pups stay warmer and have a comfortable environment during birth and after birth.

We have been breeding dogs for many years and have used many types of whelping pens and have found them not to last, bulky and heavy to put away also the wood type can stain and give off a smell.

How To Assemble

Our Idea

We offer homemade PVC, Strong Rigid Construction, Very Hygienic, Quick Assembly and Disassembly with Puppy safety Rails Included, to stop them being trapped behind the mother. The pen comes with a 3/4 piece base that slides together. You must silicone around the inside of the pen, this gives the pen strength and waterproofing.

Our New Arrival

Easy to Cleaning

This could not be easier, just Wipe and your ready to go. Our pens are very durable for Indoor and/or Outdoor use.

Customised Pen

If you would like a name on your box just let us know when placing your order, it’s absolutely free!